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Craft beer & rock 'n roll. Life's too short to do 'em badly.

Come and have a listen as three friendly lads share stories of beer, brewing and rock 'n roll. Therapy for your soul, good to the last drop.

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Episode 20

Recorded live from The Beermongers in Portland, OR. Your favorite podcasters sample:
2 Towns - Serious Scrump
Burnside Brewing - Oatmeal Pale Ale
Crux Fermentation Project - Double Cross
Fire Cirkl - Absynthe Minded Stout Gruit
Worthy Brewing - Dark News Imperial Stout


Episode 19

This month - Justin and Noland do a live tasting. Bill says goodbye to DC and shares his thoughts about how the craft beer scene there has evolved and what it can do better (hint - more neighborhood pubs, less high-end beer restaurants). The lads discuss Elysian's sell out to AB and the resulting backlash from the craft beer community. The concept of beer pouches is discussed.


Episode 18

This month your faithful beer buddies discuss craft beer fans obsession with "Beernicorns" - those hard to find beers that one only encounters once a lifetime. Justin drinks a Final Departure stout. Noland drinks a Samuel Smith Yorkshire Stingo (one of our favorite beers - ever), Bill drinks a JosephBrau Winter Beer (Trader Joe's y'all).

The lads discuss a recent article discussing the alleged lack of Sam Adams in Boston's more high end beer bars. Other topics of discussion - Lagunitas considers suing Sierra Nevada, Ninkasi supports independent distributors,and 10 Barrel runs into trouble in Idaho.

As always, upcoming beer events are discussed. Noland and Justin are looking forward to travelling to Astoria (home of "The Goonies" and "Kindergarten Cop") to enjoy the Festival of the Dark Arts.

Music from Drago and Cock Sparrer.

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Episode 17

Holiday Ale Fests and the 12 Beers of Christmas


Episode 16

This month the lads talk about all-grain brewing in an apartment, 10 Barrel Brewing joining the In-Bev family, and other various odds and ends.

Featuring new music from The Skull and not-so-new music from iknowkungfu.

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Episode 15

Show notes - The boys discuss and sample the rare "Yorkshire Stingo" style. Justin drinks an Ill Tempered Gnome and Noland drinks Rigor Mortis - both live to tell the tale. Praise is given to pumpkin ales (again) and scorn is heaped on anti-pumpkin ale beer hipsters.

Noland and Justin discuss the Peche Fest in Portland, OR. Bill talks about attending the "Charlie Brown Pumpkin Beer Festival" in Philadelphia followed by a trip to the great Eastern State Penitentiary Haunted House. Justin discusses his trip to Great American Beer Festival. Props are given to Lowdown Brewery's Silver Medal.

Just in time for Halloween - Noland pairs beers with horror movies.

Music from Thundering Asteroids and 48 Thrills

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Episode 14

The gents talk about Noland's first homebrew. Billy gives some tips on making pumpkin ale at home. Justin waxes poetic about his beercation to Northern California. The lads chide Northern California brewers for only filling growlers purchased at their brewery (no - it's not okay). The boys then talk about the best beers to drink while watching football, hockey, and soccer.

Music by NOi!se and Lexxi Vexx & the Modern Gentlemen.

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Episode 13

The gents talk about more summer beer fests and tell brewers it's time to put an end to bro dude beer names and labels. Bill talks about his "Beers of the Silver Line" project.

Music from the Poxy Boggards and Brains.


Episode 12

The gents talk about fests, Belgian beer, and some great homebrew tips from The German World Cup Victory is also discussed, and the word "mannschaft" is used many, many times.

Also featuring awesome punk rock from The Anxieties and Noi!se.


Episode 11

It's summertime, and you know what that means - fest season. The guys talk about fests: fests they've been to, fests they're going to, and how to get the most out of your fest experience. It's good stuff.

Music from Whiskey's Lament and Street Dogs.


Episode 10

The lads talk about beers they're currently drinking. Bill discusses his latest homebrew (it's not really his - he brewed it from a Charlie Papazian recipe). Justin brings us up to speed on his beercation in Bend. Noland talks about the amazing sales of craft beer in Portland. Each dude lists his top five favorite breweries. In a podcast first - we list a number of ways one could drink beer while watching the film "Strange Brew".

Also featuring music from Drago.


Episode 09

Bill interviews Jeff "Oly" Olson - founding drummer of legendary metal band Trouble (currently playing with The Skull) and brainchild of now legendary Allagash beer Red Howes Imperial Stout. Jeff talks about metal, music, beer and brewing philosophy. He'll also set you hip to brewing with cranberries.

We're also honored to play "Sometime Yesterday Mourning" off of The Skull's new single (available on iTunes and Amazon or as a limited edition white vinyl replica CD at 833-601-7063).

Listen to Trouble. Listen to The Skull. Drink Allagash beer.

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Episode 08

The lads talk about the Portland Farmouse and Wild Ale Festival, Savor, beer bars in Baltimore, the three tiered system, "event" beers, the proposed FDA law on spent grain, and stories from their lives as, uh, musicians. They also say "allegedly" a lot.

Also featuring music from The Dreadnaughts and Sam Fisher.


Episode 07

Cider! Bill tells YOU how to make cider. The boys drink and review ciders: Reverend Nat's, Magner's, and Harpoon Craft Cider (spoiler alert - they're all good). The lads raise a glass to Harold Ramis. Bill gives a shout out to Distillery Lane near Burkittsville, MD - home of the Blair Witch and some amazing cider .Crafty gives an unsolicited plug to Cider Riot. Beer events are discussed including Festival of the Dark Arts in Astoria, OR. The lads defend the virtue of Rock Bottom. Bill talks about his quest for beer in Portsmouth, NH and his visit to Smuttynose and Earth Eagle Brewings (where he drank a beer that contained actual hogs head). The boys wax poetic about Casey Kasem losing it over a song for a dying dog. The article "5 Issues Craft Beer Drinkers Should Be Talking About" is discussed.

Music by Beerzone and The Secretions.


Episode 06

Bill gets the title of the opening track wrong (it's "When The People Check Out"). Noland tastes Unita's Oak Jacked Imperial Pumpkin Ale. Justin tastes Rogue's infamous "Beard Beer". Bill spoils the series finale of "Dexter" (seriously, folks. You really should have seen it by now). The lads discuss what other body parts might be used to harvest yeast from. Bill tastes Samuel Smith's Organic Chocolate Stout. The lads talk about a distributorship buyout that may effect Oregon craft beers. Also discussed - upcoming beer events in Oregon and New Hampshire, as well as Super Bowl beer commercials and macrobrewing marketing in general. Bill attempts to wax poetic about King's X.

Great music for this episode - FM359 (featuring Mike McColgan and Johnny Rioux from Street Dogs - one of our all-time favorite bands, and former Dropkick Murphy Rick Barton), Cutbank (an amazing Portland band featuring ex-Misfat Chaz Rockerer), and an amazing track by the ever masterful King's X.


Episode 05

Justin rates non-alcoholic beers. Noland explains how to get beer with your ATM purchase. Bill describes the perfect beer to drink while watching a Hammer Films Dracula movie. The boys talk about contract brewing, and give a wholly inadequate and poorly executed salute to 15 years of iknowkungfu.

In honor of 15 years of fu, the song from which our podcast is named gets a spin.

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Episode 04

We welcome our good friend Noland to the podcast. This month’s topic is Winter Warmers – but we don’t talk about them. Too busy talking about the Portland Holiday Ale Festival, breweries in Amish country, and the advantages and drawbacks of studying to become a cicerone.

Featuring an awesome track by Boston’s The Black Cheers.

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Episode 03

Bill and Justin talk about the Great Charlie Brown Pumpkin Beer Festival in Philadelphia, GABF (in Denver – duh), and beer and video games (thanks for the topic tip, Noland!).

Music? Yeah, we got some. How about a tune off of Lenny Lashley’s Illuminator? Not enough? How about a tune off of The Tanked’s Drink Up? Yeah. That’s what I thought…

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Episode 02

On episode two of Barstool Therapy – A quick tribute to the 30th Anniversary of Strange Brew. Justin talks about Portland beer events such as the IPA fest. Bill discusses highlights of DC Beer Week and whinges about Flying Dog’s marketing scheme. The hosers talk craft beer vs crafty beer. Justin tells YOU how to make hard lemonade from the comfort of your own home.

We play a track off of Dug Pinnick’s latest solo release.

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Episode 01

Barstool Therapy Episode 1 Listen here or below! Justin and Bill introduce themselves in a clumsy manner and talk about craft beer, growlers, and Bud Lime.

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About Us

A cross-country podcast covering any and all topics related to beer, be it craft or macro, brewing or buying, sampling or guzzling. Bill, Justin and Noland lay it down old-school, hoping to only slightly offend. Find out what's happening in beers and music with this one-stop therapy session. Barstool Therapy Podcast - good for what ales ya.


Bill was the bass player from iknowkungfu - the finest (and possibly only) punk band to ever call Vancouver, WA home. He transitioned to guitar in The Misfats - sending a message of high caloric humor from Portland, OR to SXSW and beyond. He's been a home brewer and craft beer fan most of his adult life and currently resides somewhere in the mid-Atlantic United States.


Originally from Roseburg, Oregon, Justin discoved a love for beer while living in England in the mid-90's. After moving back to the US, he began homebrewing in Northern California in 1997. He served as drummer for beer-fueled punk band, 5408348958, before moving to "Beervana", Portland, Oregon. Justin has done a small amount of commercial brewing, and founded the company, Craft Beer Cards, which puts craft brewers on trading cards.


After conquering the world of music as Glen Hamzinger, frontman for 8285577828, he set out to create & then win entirely the category of "drunk rock" as frontman for The Tanked. Brand-loyal synergist by day, by night Noland seeks out only the best craft beers in order to report his findings on the amazing Barstool Therapy Podcast. He also drinks a great deal of lousy beer, to keep his palate sharp and to get, in his words, "show drunk." Turn-offs also include Subarus, Portlandia and big beer. Emminently quaffable and more fun than a migraine, you can find Noland at a bar most of the time but, dammit, he's not an alcholic!

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